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Are you aware of the costs involved in veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, purchasing a good quality dog food, boarding the dog when you are a way, annual license fees, etc?

Are you aware that you are taking on the responsibility of another living creature who will for the rest of its life, be dependent upon you?

1.         Who will be the primary caregiver?

2.         Do you have children?  If so, how old are your children?

3.         If they are young, do you and they understand a Havanese pup is quite fragile until about 6 months           of age despite its boisterous and playful actions.

4.         Have you had a dog before?      How long?    Have you ever given up a dog to a shelter or pound?    If so, why?

5.         If you do not own the dog any longer, why not?

6.         Where will the puppy be kept during the day?      During the night?

7.         How many hours on average will the puppy be left alone?

8.         Will someone be available to feed/exercise the puppy during the day?

9.         Do you have a fenced yard secure enough to hold a small dog?  If not, how will you provide security for your puppy when it is outside or when you are not at home?

10.       Do you understand the difference between a limited registration and a full registration?

11.       Are you willing to sign a spay/neuter contract if purchasing a pet?

Thank you for your interest in Prairiwind Havanese.



Prairiwind Policies

1. PET Havanese puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. They are shipped after 9 weeks.

2. SHOW/BREEDING Havanese puppies are sold on a different contract. The show/breeding puppies are sold with co-ownership and a contract that the puppy MUST be shown and finished to its AKC Championship before it can be bred.

3. All Havanese puppies are given full exams before going to their new homes and are sold with a 5 year genetic health contract.

4. All Havanese puppies are raised in my home and underfoot and are well socialized.

5. When you contact me about a Havanese puppy, I will send you info on the upcoming or available litters. Once you decide on a puppy, I will ask you to fill out my questionnaire and email it to me.

6. I require a deposit of $600 to hold the puppy. Full payment is expected by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old.

7. Havanese puppies generally leave home after 9 weeks old. I hope that my puppy people stay in contact with me, with pictures and stories, I love hearing about my babies. I also continue to provide help and assistance for the puppy buyer long after the puppy has left my home.



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